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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

RA diagnosed 2001 resulted by 2011 in having finger joints so stiff and swollen that small change could not be sorted or removed from a purse on purchase of goods. To pay a bill notes had to be handed over and the open purse held out to get change put in by the shop assistant. The changing of gears was difficult. Cleaning was difficult as was carrying small items or drinks.

Started on Palmitoyl ascorbate 2 grams/day (a teaspoonful) and lemon fish oil (a teaspoonful) and in 48 hours my hands were better than they had been for ten years. The swelling was down and my joints moved as they should! No medications had even got near to this result.

Four years later this condition is stable but I still take the powder and oil to keep it that way.

Case Notes

Year of birth: 1951

PD diagnosed: 1999


  • Mild, until neck operation 2009 then rapid deterioration, Bell’s palsy and eczema July 2010
    Gait unsteady, poor balance, walking stiffly on tiptoe with support, speech impaired and depression, severe constipation (common PD symptom).
  • 2010 (July) Started on PIPmix, B12 and probiotics
  • 2010 (August) Feels better, steadier on feet, better balance with armswing when walking, constipation cured, back in his workshop able to work on car. Speech more normal.
    Takes his wife breakfast in bed upstairs carrying tray with no spillage.
  • 2010 (December) Reduced prescribed medication by 50 %, has more energy. Wife says he spends all day in workshop (keeps and maintains 5 old cars)
  • 2011 (February) Walking well, more energy, good balance, delighted.
  • 2011 (May) Servicing all 5 cars using pit in garage, walking well, feels fine
  • 2011 (October) Extending workshop himself. Walking well, feels fine. Consultant at routine visit describes his Parkinson’s as ‘mild’.
  • 2013 (April) Still in good health and very active (14 years after diagnosis) Cleared large area of rough land with hand tools.
  • 2014 (February) Trialled a modified PIPmix formulation and found a massive improvement in gait and balance. Able to walk without fear of falling. Also found better sleep and less dyskinesia. This continues (January 2015)

Summarised by Andrew Carmichael from case notes

Case History

Yr of birth: 1950


  • Fractures following accident 1994 – subsequent stress/fatigue/tremor
  • PD diagnosed: 1999
  • Retired from teaching 2001
  • 2002 – 2007 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) following agonist treatment which was eventually discontinued.
    Gait unsteady even using walking stick, unable to ride cycle or play musical instruments
  • 2008 (October) started on Parkinson’s Improvement Programme
  • 2008 (November) after three weeks ran for 20 minutes and could ride mountain bike again
  • 2008 (December) improved ‘wellbeing’ and walking, less pain, increased facial expression.
  • 2009 (January) Stronger and more alert, sleeping better
  • 2009 (February) More alert and confident, resumed serious mountain biking on steep, rough ground, reduced ‘off’ time.
  • 2009 (April) Resumed tuning and playing stringed instruments (after a gap of many years) improved fine motor control evident
  • 2009 (June) Mountain biking up to two hours, reduced dose of Sinemet by 8%
  • 2010 (September) resumed playing tennis regularly
  • 2010 (November) getting good sleep, tennis 3x per week, biking every day, playing guitar and accordion
  • 2011 (February) Entertaining 30 people at club, cycling, exercising daily, reduced Sinemet dose further
  • 2011 (April) Tennis three sets three times a week, offering music tuition on stringed instruments, daily cycling and running.
  • 2011 (October) Continues in good health as above
  • 2013 (April) Continues in good health and still active. No longer needs PIP but will return to it if any decline noticed.
  • 2014 (November) Resumed PIPmix but still playing tennis regularly

Summarised by Andrew Carmichael from case notes

Thank You

A gentleman who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in December 2013 started on PIPmix in May 2014. Six weeks later this was his message:

I have spent the last week and a half in the North Lakes, we are regular visitors as we both enjoy fell walking not to mention our dogs :). We were last here in April, the most I could achieve without a short rest was 300 metres, inclines were extremely painful in the lower back and left leg.

During this stay we have walked most days on alternate days we pushed the boundaries 3 miles then 5 miles culminating in yesterday over 7 miles and 20,000+ steps in 4.5 hours, if I am honest only two miles today as a little sore in places but that’s to be expected 🙂 . I can’t tell you how unbelievable I feel thinking my days of fell walking were over to have enjoyed this break so much, could it be magic or PIP?

We return home on Tuesday if you would be kind enough to post out my next scrumptious jar please I would be grateful.