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Apparent regression of symptoms of Alzheimer’s – a case report

An 80 year old male retired for 15 years from a career as a research chemist began to show symptoms of loss of memory and aimless activity. Over a period of 15 months his condition deteriorated and in 2016 a diagnosis of vascular dementia was reached for which no treatment was offered. Eight months later he was detached from reality to the extent of not knowing his wife or family, wandering the streets looking for his house although he lived with his wife in the house they had occupied for 50 years and becoming aggressive because of frustration and what he saw as unhelpful but unknown people around him.
In July 2017 he began a daily oral intake of PIPmix – a mixture of fish and other oils, food additives and supplements* – which has been found to have disease modifying function in cases of Parkinson’s disease. This reduced the psychosis and aggression but still left the other symptoms unabated.
In October 2017 the diagnosis was changed to Alzheimer’s and he was put on Donepezil (Aricept) 20mg daily. This resulted in an improvement in memory and function and a reduction in the frustration he felt.
In November 2017 he started to take a modified PIPmix** which had baicalein extract added. Baicalein has the property of slowing or stopping formation of amyloid in neurons (ref).
From that point onwards progress was rapid and continues to date. He is now able to recognise and communicate meaningfully with his family, neighbours and professional attendants. He can hold a conversation for an hour. He attempts crosswords and other word puzzles.
He reads books, remembers holidays and events, discusses his former hobbies and occupation and in almost every way is restored to normal. He has been able to walk half a mile unaccompanied on several occasions todifferent local shops to purchase various items and this includes crossing roads and negotiating junctions thus proving he remembers the routes.
Most notable is the return of both long and short term memory over a wide range of subjects indicating little or no loss of neurons beyond normal age changes. It has been likened to the gradual re-opening of a reference library.

He has resumed his former hobby of photography and enjoys wildlife and flower subjects. Relearning computer use is underway.
It is not usual for Donepezil or other acetylcholinesterase inhibitors to result in such an improvement in a short time and it must be concluded that the combination of two treatments is the cause of such a dramatic outcome.
Further research with other cases is in progress.
PIPmix comprises (30 days supply):

Palmitoyl Ascorbate 75gm
EV olive oil 15ml
EV rapeseed oil 90ml
Lemon fish oil 175ml
Organic coconut oil 60ml

PIPmix modified (30 day supply):

Above amounts plus

Baicalein extract 150gm

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Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. 2007 Jun; 3(3): 303–333.

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dysfunction in Alzheimer disease. Nat Rev Neurosci 17:777–792.

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