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Apparent regression of symptoms of Alzheimer’s – a case report

First entered 09/02/2018
This item withdrawn for update. The patient is now living a normal life with apparent full cognition, memory both long-  and short-term and functions of normal living.

Publication of the full paper is still pending and it would be imperilled by prior publication on this site. A brief summary follows:


Patient is male aged 80, PhD, active and physically fit. Memory problems and family history caused self-referral to memory clinic.

Early 2017

Diagnosis of vascular dementia – no treatment offered.

07/2017  Cognition and memory lost to extent of non-recognition of close family and family house/address. Commenced taking PIPmixN 10ml daily – proven to be useful in Parkinson’s cases. Aggression caused by frustration somewhat reduced over next few months.

10/2017  Diagnosis changed to vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s. Donepezil 10mg daily prescribed. Memory improved.

11/2017  Started taking PIPmixND 15ml daily. Rapid improvement in cognition and both short and long-term memory. By end Dec 2017 he could hold a conversation with grandchildren.

02/2018   Massive improvement to extent of tackling crosswords and puzzles. Could go local shopping by himself. Resumed hobbies including photography. Downloading to PC.

04/2018   Shopping in city centre specialist photographic shops, reading technical books, fully conversant

Another case is progressing similarly.


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