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After much trial we have reformulated PIPmix – the PD tonic so it should be more effective in more cases.

The new formulation for a 40 day supply of PIPmix N is:

Palmitoyl Ascorbate    93gm

Trehalose                    93gm

EV olive oil                   20ml

EV rapeseed oil            78ml

Lemon fish oil             200ml


This is taken as one dose of 10 ml (a dessertspoonful) or twice daily as 5ml (a teaspoonful). Some users find the twice daily regime gives longer lasting results.


For holiday use Palmitoyl ascorbate (aka. E-304 or ascorbyl palmitate) can be supplied in sachets of powder each 2.4gm – the daily intake of the main ingredient in PIPmix. This is acceptable at airports and is sufficient to maintain the PIPmix effect for the duration of the holiday.


PIPmix is supplied free of charge to trial participants.

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