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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

RA diagnosed 2001 resulted by 2011 in having finger joints so stiff and swollen that small change could not be sorted or removed from a purse on purchase of goods. To pay a bill notes had to be handed over and the open purse held out to get change put in by the shop assistant. The changing of gears was difficult. Cleaning was difficult as was carrying small items or drinks.

Started on Palmitoyl ascorbate 2 grams/day (a teaspoonful) and lemon fish oil (a teaspoonful) and in 48 hours my hands were better than they had been for ten years. The swelling was down and my joints moved as they should! No medications had even got near to this result.

Four years later this condition is stable but I still take the powder and oil to keep it that way.

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