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Case Notes

Year of birth: 1951

PD diagnosed: 1999


  • Mild, until neck operation 2009 then rapid deterioration, Bell’s palsy and eczema July 2010
    Gait unsteady, poor balance, walking stiffly on tiptoe with support, speech impaired and depression, severe constipation (common PD symptom).
  • 2010 (July) Started on PIPmix, B12 and probiotics
  • 2010 (August) Feels better, steadier on feet, better balance with armswing when walking, constipation cured, back in his workshop able to work on car. Speech more normal.
    Takes his wife breakfast in bed upstairs carrying tray with no spillage.
  • 2010 (December) Reduced prescribed medication by 50 %, has more energy. Wife says he spends all day in workshop (keeps and maintains 5 old cars)
  • 2011 (February) Walking well, more energy, good balance, delighted.
  • 2011 (May) Servicing all 5 cars using pit in garage, walking well, feels fine
  • 2011 (October) Extending workshop himself. Walking well, feels fine. Consultant at routine visit describes his Parkinson’s as ‘mild’.
  • 2013 (April) Still in good health and very active (14 years after diagnosis) Cleared large area of rough land with hand tools.
  • 2014 (February) Trialled a modified PIPmix formulation and found a massive improvement in gait and balance. Able to walk without fear of falling. Also found better sleep and less dyskinesia. This continues (January 2015)

Summarised by Andrew Carmichael from case notes

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