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Case History

Yr of birth: 1950


  • Fractures following accident 1994 – subsequent stress/fatigue/tremor
  • PD diagnosed: 1999
  • Retired from teaching 2001
  • 2002 – 2007 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) following agonist treatment which was eventually discontinued.
    Gait unsteady even using walking stick, unable to ride cycle or play musical instruments
  • 2008 (October) started on Parkinson’s Improvement Programme
  • 2008 (November) after three weeks ran for 20 minutes and could ride mountain bike again
  • 2008 (December) improved ‘wellbeing’ and walking, less pain, increased facial expression.
  • 2009 (January) Stronger and more alert, sleeping better
  • 2009 (February) More alert and confident, resumed serious mountain biking on steep, rough ground, reduced ‘off’ time.
  • 2009 (April) Resumed tuning and playing stringed instruments (after a gap of many years) improved fine motor control evident
  • 2009 (June) Mountain biking up to two hours, reduced dose of Sinemet by 8%
  • 2010 (September) resumed playing tennis regularly
  • 2010 (November) getting good sleep, tennis 3x per week, biking every day, playing guitar and accordion
  • 2011 (February) Entertaining 30 people at club, cycling, exercising daily, reduced Sinemet dose further
  • 2011 (April) Tennis three sets three times a week, offering music tuition on stringed instruments, daily cycling and running.
  • 2011 (October) Continues in good health as above
  • 2013 (April) Continues in good health and still active. No longer needs PIP but will return to it if any decline noticed.
  • 2014 (November) Resumed PIPmix but still playing tennis regularly

Summarised by Andrew Carmichael from case notes

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